Top Cryptocurrencies: What Are the Best Bitcoin Alternatives According?

In 2017, the cryptography market set new standards for pure profits. Almost every part or chip produces extraordinary returns. “Tidal waves catapult all ships,” as they say, and the end of 2017 is a flood in terms of individuals are wanting to experiment with various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Price increases have created a positive feedback cycle, which attracts more capital into the crypto sphere. Inevitably, this galloping market leads to huge investments. Money has been casted in all kinds of questionable schemes, many of which will not work.

In the existing bearish sphere, hype and greed are replaced by critical and careful judgment. Especially for those who lose money, the promise of explosive marketing, endless shillings, and charming technological jargon are no longer sufficient. Well, the primary reason for buying or holding a coin is the most important one once again.

Fundamental factors in evaluating cryptocurrencies

Several factors tend to overrule pumped up hype and prices, at least in the long run:

Adoption Angle

Although cryptocurrency technology or ICO business plans may appear to be incredibly surprised when there are no users, they are mostly dead projects.

While Fiat’s acceptance is entrusted by the State, cryptographic acceptance is purely voluntary. Various factors play a role in the decision to accept coins, but perhaps the most important one is the possibility that someone else will receive a coin.


Decentralization is critical to encourage the correct digital currency model. Without decentralization, we are a little closer to the Ponzi scheme than real cryptocurrency. Putting your trust in people and institutions is something that cryptocurrency wants to steer away from.

Basic security becomes a controversial subject should the dismantling of the coin or the central controller change the transaction record. The same would apply to parts that have unproven codes without being appropriately tested. The more you can rely on the code to function as it is supposed to, irrespective of human influence, the more secure the coin will be.


Valid coins try hard to improve the technology, but not at safety’s expense. Real technological advances are rare because they require a lot of expertise plus wisdom.

Non-technical users will find it hard to evaluate innovation. However, if the currency code does not get updated to ensure outstanding issues are covered or it stagnates, it can be a sign that the developer is weak in terms of motivations or ideas.


Economic incentives inherent in currencies are more accessible for most people to understand. If a coin has a large pre-mining or ICO (initial offer), the team holds a significant chip stock, then it is quite clear that the primary motivation is profit. By buying what the organization offers, you play your game and enrich it. Be sure to provide real and reliable values ​​in return.

There has never been a more opportune time to reevaluate and balance cryptographic portfolios. Based on their solid foundation, here are five pieces that we feel are worth keeping or bought at the current price.

Bitcoin (due to its decentralization)

The main prize belongs to Bitcoin (BTC), which may continue to be the market place pioneer in all groups. Bitcoin delivers the best value, the broadest assumption, the majority of the security features (as a result of the fantastic energy consumption of Bitcoin excavating), and the foremost legendary brand uniqueness.

Litecoin (as a result of its perseverance)

Litecoin (LTC) is typically very much like Bitcoin utilizing an alternative hash procedure. However Litecoin does not experience the anonymity technological innovation of Bitcoin, astounding reports have proved that the embracing of Litecoin in the dark economies is currently second

Ethereum (owing to smarter agreements)

Ethereum (ETH) has huge hassles now.

To start with, state and federal governments are cracking on ICO, and suitably so: quite a few have ended up being either unlawful or bankruptcies. Because most ICOs use the Ethereum system as an ERC token 20, the ICO fascination has introduced tremendous value to Ethereum lately. In case the relevant rules are applied to safeguard investors Ethereum initiatives rip-offs can easily claim an absolute authenticity for being crowdfunding network.

Therefore, one has to be careful which Bitcon alternative you opt for and ensure the exchange you intend running it through will be trustworthy and secure.

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